About me

I am a fussy British lady. I have the great privilege to live in a beautiful European city and I like to travel.

Everyone knows how we Brits love our cup of tea.   Wherever I go, I am always happy when I find a proper cup of tea and even happier if there is also a decent gin and tonic.  I hope I can help travellers find the place where they can enjoy a nice cup of tea and a sit down in comfortable surroundings.

If the time of day and the circumstances allow, then a decent gin and tonic is just the thing.  You may imagine that a fussy lady has strict rules about the time and place for a gin and tonic.  Never after dinner and never before breakfast – that apart, think 1980’s Martini advert:  “Any time, any place, anywhere.”

Thanks to my brother for giving me the idea to blog about it.


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